Birds of San Francisco

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Csaba Hernadi made mobile photos while in California last year. His photos illustrate the so-called "losers" in the American Dream. Economic losers for sure, however survivors in other important ways. Hernadi’s portraits of homeless people in San Francisco attempt to put a human face on the faceless. 

Some might recall the Humans of New York project. However, Hernadi does not use professional cameras and is not a professional photographer. Rather he is an actor who is currently engaged in writing and wandering the poor districts of cities with his socially sensitive eyes. Rapidly, many professionals are utilizing mobile phones as the camera of choice, as do millions of would-be photographers of all ages around the world. He requests permission to take photos and engages the subject in conversation. Hernadi is fascinated by the emotional richness and the multifarious life of his subjects. 

Our American fellow human beings, who are freed from the need of notoriety live as best they can, as do the underclasses all over the world. Hernadi documents the homeless in California capturing the liminality, hopelessness and for most an unchosen lifestyle. The systematic shots reveal the moment with color and compassion; perhaps unusual in the exhibition space, yet might help us better absorb homelessness. 

The exhibition will be opened by Frank Foreman, a submerging artist born in San Francisco, living in Santa Cruz, California. Frank has had many residencies, from 1983 until January 2018, at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in California. From San Francisco State University he has two master degrees, a MFA from the Fat City School of Finds Arts and a honorary PhD degree in Humane and Enlightened Impulses from the Penny University Santa Cruz. He curated an exhibition of Lou Harrison’s visual art for the Santa Cruz New Music Works Centennial Celebration 2017. 

The exhibition might be followed by Gabriella Racz (Hungarian violinist) reflecting on some works of the Californian composer, Lou Harrison on violin.

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